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Introducing the gym pass that lets you pick from hundreds of classes at over 40 fitness spots across Louisville and Southern Indiana.

It's the 502 FIT PASS!

And everything in between.

Pick the classes you want, when you want them.
-No annual contract
-Change, hold or cancel your membership at any time, without any fees.
-Take advantage of free community, bootcamp and nutrition classes at no extra charge.
-10 day 100% money back guarantee on any regular priced membership as long as utilized 3 passes in 10 days.

3 Pass Pack3 Classes Every 30 Days - $37.00
5 Pass Pack5 Classes Every 30 Days - $60.00
10 Pass Pack10 Classes Every 30 Days - $104.00

All FIT PASS class packs have a one time $5.00 enrollment fee. This $5 fee is donated monthly to a local charity. To find out more visit the Community Page.

If you get bored with your daily workout routines and want a change of scenery or you simply want to see what else is out there, this is the membership for you. Schedule your classes based on your personal availability and the variety of workouts you want. All of our memberships are without annual contracts and we allow you to change, hold, or cancel your membership at any time without any fees! Whether you want a way to meet new people or you just need some fun and excitement in your life while staying fit and healthy, there's no better gym pass in the area than 502 FIT PASS.

Love trying out new classes and experiencing the awesome fitness community all over Louisville! 502 Fit Pass introduced me to so many gyms and classes right in my neighborhood... Would have never known about some of my new favorite spots.

Ellie Marsh

I used to have a hard time finding class times that worked with my schedule. With Fit Pass, I don't have that problem. The variety of classes and gyms keeps things fun and challenging. Fit Pass has truly helped me get back into working out on a consistent basis.

Kirsten Haynes

This is the best way to work out. There are so many options for gyms and styles of work outs to fit whatever I am in the mood for and for whatever time works for me that day. I have met a lot of great people working out this way and learned so much!

Bianca Sangalli

502 Fit Pass has been so wonderful for my fitness goals. As someone who gets bored with redundant work out plans, this is just what I needed. The variety of classes and studios gives me everything I already loved with exciting things I'd wanted to try but was hesitant to before. I've actually stayed motivated and attending classes for the first time in my adult life and I'm definitely seeing the results in both my mood and my body! Everyone should sign up for Fit Pass!

Blair Klayko

502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass